Knuro’s story began with an Idea, and is still all about turning Ideas into innovative products and solutions.
The outcome is our market-leading products and solutions, enhancing efficiency and HSE in fish processing plants.

About Knuro – a dedicated supplier

Knuro develops, sells and installs machinery and software to trout and salmon processing plants.

Our aim is to shed light on operational challenges faced by the seafood industry, but also to offer solutions to these. Something that is well backed up by our product portfolio. Our innovative products contribute to boosting profitability through raising levels of production efficiency and thus enhancing the working environment for production workers.

At Knuro, much time and resources are assigned exclusively to product development. We always have a number of development projects running simultaneously, several of which are financed by innovation funding.

Our strength at Knuro lies in that we are a small, effective organization. We have therefore assigned construction of the machines to leading manufacturers in Scandinavia.

Products for enhanced efficiency and HSE in seafood processing plants

Knuro’s story started with an Idea, and is still about turning Ideas into innovative products and solutions. We were once challenged by a customer to find a way to automate post-cleaning of offcuts and removal of blood clots etc. The result became Knuro Fish Cleaner, which now appears as Version 1.04.

The Fish Cleaner is so efficient that many customers have recouped their investment in less than a year.

Our products also play a significant role in enhancing health, safety and environment in the workplace. They automate previously heavy-duty, manual work tasks, which in turn contribute to reduction of wear-and-tear injuries and absence from work through sickness.