Management system featuring graphic overview of production.


Profitability is achieved through sound leadership, analysis and management.
Knuro is the supplier of the Scada system “The Boss”. The entire factory can be managed, ably assisted by the system.
The Boss provides a graphic overview of production.

Product description The Boss

The Boss gathers all management and monitoring factors in one place, providing you with a full overview of all of the production’s processes, from holding pen to cool store.

We log all parameters. The Boss tailors the system according to customer requirements, enabling the customer to personally adapt the system to each individual user.

Our aim is to ensure that the status for the entire factory is immediately visible at any given time.

The customer selects which reports are to be generated, and who will be the recipients.

The Boss is produced on software from Zenon, a recognized platform that is employed in production environments across the globe.

Our renowned Support service will also apply for users of The Boss.

Product leaflet

Download the product leaflet for The Boss here:

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Why choose The Boss?

  • Provides you with a complete overview of all processes.
  • Limitless potential for connectivity.
  • Tailored especially for salmon and trout production.
  • Can be extended in stages.
  • Automatic reporting.