After gutting, Knuro Fish Cleaner takes over the reins. Knuro Fish Cleaner automates heavy, manual tasks.


The Knuro Fish Cleaner releases resources to other sections of the operation.
Equipment installed has paid for itself in less than a year, according to several of our customers.

Product presentation Knuro Fish Cleaner

Product presentation Knuro Fish Cleaner version 1.04:

Product description

KF 1.04 has a patented cleansing method that enables salmon and trout to be cleaned internally by two instruments. These instruments scape and suck in separate directions, and leave behind a clean and dry abdominal cavity. In the process we don’t utilize water, which could be sucked up in the vacuum, thus ensuring drier ensilage.

Stay Clean – Targeted Automatic Cleaning

By regularly flushing the inside of the machines during production, we prevent the build-up of biofilm, thus taking away the basis for bacterial growth.
Knuro have developed «Stay Clean», the solution where we targeted and accurate keeps the machines clean during production, without reducing capacity.
We only use clean freshwater with no chemicals added.
The result have been startling! The samples from the machines with “Stay Clean” showed no measurable increase in colony count during production.

“Stay Clean” is fully automatic, and is controlled by the Knuro operator panel.

Product leaflet

Download the product leaflet for Knuro Fiskerenser here:

Produktark engelsk

Product leaflet english

Why choose Knuro Fish Cleaner?

  • Cleans up to 50 % better than competitors.
  • Installs easily in existing gutting machine.
  • Fully pneumatic.
  • Easy operation – Automatic start and stop.
  • Whole structure swivels out for easy cleaning.
  • Superb reliability and low operational costs.