Our Fish Counter has been developed to provide the exact number of fish going through your production process.

Knuro Fish Counter that gives you full control over numbers!

Product presentasjon Knuro Fish Counter

Product presentation Knuro Fish Counter:

Product description

“Stay in Control” The Fish Counter is small and compact, and has no moving parts. It is easily mounted over existing tracks and belts. Each counter has a scanning area that covers a width of up to 30cm. If the belt is wider, several counters can be mounted in series.

The counter has been developed to provide the exact number of fish as early as possible in the production process, preferably just after bleeding, but it can also be used at several points in the factory, e.g. counting from the manual gutting point and at the entry to the filleting section. This enables full control of the day’s intake, and ensures successful planning of day-to-day production.

“Stay in Control” is manufactured in stainless steel. All data can be exported to all manufacturers’ production systems (IoT – Internet of Things). The stable precision of 98% makes this an indispensable instrument for each and every production line!

Product leaflet

Download the product leaflet for Knuro Fish Cleaner here:

Product leaflet English

Product leaflet english

Why choose Knuro Fish Counter?

  • Stable precision of 98%.
  • Can be mounted at several points in the factory.
  • No movable parts.
  • Support for dataexport (loT).